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We empower victims to take their life back and live free.

My name is Allison Williams, Founder/CEO of The Human Trafficking Service Center. Once learning about and researching the severity of the Human Trafficking problems in our area, nationwide and worldwide, I knew I had to do something. Although no one can fight this major issue alone, creating awareness in our community, creating a safe haven for the victims, and fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves to be free of slavery has become my goal moving forward and my reason for opening The Human Trafficking Service Center. Since opening and joining forces with other human trafficking agencies in and around our area it has been life changing for our victims and staff and being a part of the solution means so much to us. I never want to see any victims slip through the cracks and we as an agency will strive to make sure that never happens. So please, make the decision today to join us to fulfill the vision of freedom from human trafficking and all modern day slavery. 


Allison Williams

CEO and Founder

The Team

Human Trafficking Service Center Board of Directors

A team of dedicated employees helping those who have been victimized fully recover from being enslaved by human trafficking and child exploitation.


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It takes a village… fighting and solving this problem requires the support of community leaders from local businesses, other non-profits, foundations, governments, philanthropists, and people just like YOU and me. We have a team of advocates creating awareness in the community so others can learn to identify, understand, and advocate for an end to human trafficking. Our team is committed to raising up a community of informed activists who are dedicated to supporting efforts directed at identifying and preventing human trafficking in the community. We believe in helping our victims restore their lives while we empower them to be all they can be.


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